Your moving essentials!

We offer all the San Diego moving supplies you need to move your belongings safely. For your convenience, we deliver packing boxes/supplies ahead of time FREE of charge for orders of $100. We also offer a full packing service to eliminate the need to pack in advance. Browse through our packing services in San Diego to find the option that best fits your residential or commercial move needs!

Specs 1.5 Cubic Feet
17"X12" 8"X12"

File Box

This box is perfect for all your important documents. We recommend you remove the hanging folders and lay them flat in the box
. small gorilla box
That way documents and folders are less likely to get bent in the moving process.


Specs 1.5 Cubic Feet
17"X12" 8"X12"

Small Box

Small boxes are ideal for heavy items such as books, DVDs, CDs, small kitchen appliances.small gorilla box
Putting heavy items in larger boxes increases the chances for your belongings to fall through and possibly break.


Specs 1.5 Cubic Feet
17"X12" 8"X12"

Medimum Box

Medium boxes are good for clothes (also see wardrobe box), sheets and towels.
They’re also good for heavier items too large for small boxes (TIP: Don’t fill more than three-fourths full.)


Specs 1.5 Cubic Feet
17"X12" 8"X12"

Large Box

Ideal for storing large belongings, including pots, pans, pillows, blankets and toys


Specs 1.5 Cubic Feet
17"X12" 8"X12"


This box was designed to securely hold breakables, including china, statues, vases and lamp shades. To reduce the chances of items breaking, bubble wrap or white paper are essential packing materials.


Specs 1.5 Cubic Feet
17"X12" 8"X12"

Wardrobe Box

This box is perfect for clothing on hangers and other delicate materials, including drapes and bedspreads.
The fast and easy way to pack your closet!


Specs 1.5 Cubic Feet
17"X12" 8"X12"

Picture Box

Designed specifically for wall hangings, including pictures and mirrors, this box is adjustable in size to accommodate your items.

small gorilla box


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1-2 Rooms 2-3 Rooms 3-4 Rooms 4-5 Rooms 5-6 Rooms
Small 8 16 24 32 40
Medium 4 8 12 16 20
Large 2 4 6 8 10
Dish Pack 1 2 2 3 5
Wardrobe 2 3 4 4 5
Total 17 33 48 63 80